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With the help of our board member, registered Dietitian Jennifer Okemah, Sticks-2-Schools is able to provide hand-outs that can be used to help kids develop healthy lifestyles.

Click on the images to download the PDFs!

10 Nutrition Rules to Live by - This handout give kids 10 things to do improve their life habits, such as choosing non-processed foods, eating more fruits, vegies and eating lean protein and keeping hydrated. 10 nutrition rules
Play Like a Pro! - This flyer helps kids understand why drinking water is important when you are working out like professional athletes do. play like a pro
Soda Pop: What's In it? - This flyer helps kids understand why Soda isn't really a healthy food. soda pop
Veggies on the Run! - This flyer gives parents tips on how to get enough veggies into our and our kids daily diets. veggies
Juice Abuse - Is drinking 100% Fruit Juice better than drinking soda?
Carbonated Soft Drinks: This flyer provides facts about carbonated sodas. Sodas are a major factor contributing to obesity and weight gain.
30 Ways to Sneak more Fruits and Vegetables into your Diet - This flyer gives 30 easy ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies into breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Energy Drink Hype! - This flyer talks about the dangers of energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, and Full throttle.



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