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S2S offers a variety of programs for schools:

  • Demonstration– The S2S program will send an instructor to visit a school and do a lacrosse demonstration to a class or group of classes
  • Full Program– The S2S program will provide:
    • 40 sticks
    • 40 soft lacrosse balls
    • Curriculum guides for six week coed soft lacrosse program (suitable for integration into PE rotation at most schools)
    • A visit from a professional lacrosse player (from the SJ Stealth Organization) to assist the teacher in the first instruction to a class or group of classes
  • End of the school year follow-up visit
Soft Lacrosse
  • S2S teaches a version called “Soft Lacrosse”, that is suitable for use in PE Programs
  • Is a NON-contact sport
  • Played by Co-Ed teams
  • Uses a soft ball
  • Retains the fun/fast-paced nature of the game

Sticks-2-Schools serves schools in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area of California and the greater Seattle Area of Washington. The Program is adaptable to meet different school needs.

What does S2S expect from the schools?
  • Commitment– We want to support schools who will commit to implementing the program within the school year with their PE and/or Classroom teacher
  • Follow-up—We ask that you complete a follow-up survey/questionnaire to help us improve Sticks-2-Schools
  • Media—We ask that we be able to publish stories (website/news) about the S2S visits and their impact so that we can grow S2S and benefit more schools.

If you are a school interested in finding out more about this program, please contact:

Chris O'Dougherty
S2S Coordinator & Instructor

“Been meaning to call and thank you and Mac for coming to Cascade and doing such a great job. Mac was outstanding and his low key but organized presentation was impressive. Maybe a PE teacher in the making...a second career perhaps. Thanks for the gear and your persistence in making the day happen: students really enjoyed it. Thanks again.”

— Jake Huizinga
Everett School District

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