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What is Sticks-2-Schools?

    Sticks-2-Schools is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping reduce the epidemic of childhood obesity by making exercise fun. We work with schools in the Greater Seattle Area of Washington State and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area in California to introduce lacrosse into their physical education curriculum or after-school programs. Since 2005, we've served 50,000 youth in 114 elementary, middle, and high schools in the SF Bay Area and 35 schools and after school programs in the Washington Area. In the eight seasons that the program has been active we've raised over $180,000 in sponsorships, contributions and donations from local businesses and community members.

Is childhood obesity really an "epidemic"?

    Childhood obesity has reached staggering proportions in the United States. In Santa Clara County alone, more than 20 percent of five to 19 year-olds are overweight. While this can be attributed to a number of issues, a lack of physical activity undeniably contributes to childhood obesity. The excess pounds can quite literally weigh down a child with feelings of depression and low self-esteem. Obesity has also been linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type II diabetes. And unfortunately, approximately 75% of obese children become obese adults.
    Click Here for Obesity Statistics and Facts

How does Sticks-2-Schools help fight childhood obesity?
    Sticks-2-Schools offers a program that makes exercise fun. Considering that 30 to 41 percent of Santa Clara County children are physically unfit, and budget cuts have forced schools to eliminate or drastically reduce PE classes, our program address the lack of physical activity during the school day in hopes that the enthusiasm to continue participating in lacrosse activities continues after school and on weekends.

Why lacrosse?
    Lacrosse was America's first team sport, with hundreds of Native American players competing on fields free of boundary lines, sometimes for days at a time. Twenty years ago, lacrosse was still a niche sport played mostly on East Coast college campuses. Today, Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States. Of the estimated 680,000 people in the U.S. who play lacrosse, more than half are youth aged 15 and under. Sports Illustrated Journalist Alexander Wolff said, "As parents discover that lacrosse is more exciting than soccer, cheaper than ice hockey and not as dangerous as football, the game is getting a closer look."

Is lacrosse easy to learn and play?
    A poll of 1,800 parents from six local counties conducted this summer by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health reported that parents of children aged 9 to 17 worry more about their children's weight than they do about the effects of gangs, smoking and drugs combined. A front-page article about the poll in the San Jose Mercury News (October 27, 2005) reads, "…their [Bay Area parents] biggest concern is that the day-to-day stress of modern life may be making their children overweight, depressed and less interested in school."

How can we help fight childhood obesity?
    The lack of physical activity is directly related to childhood obesity. Increasing the level of physical activity in schools is an important step towards combating this problem. TEAMWRKX CEO and CFO Eric Venzon said, "There are a lot of kids who come home from school and plop down on the couch and watch TV until dinnertime. Their excuse for not playing a sport is that they ‘can't play well enough' or ‘it's too hard to learn,' or they ‘look nerdy' when they try. Those are the objections we're trying to overcome. We want to inspire children who don't consider themselves athletes to try lacrosse."

How safe is lacrosse?
    Sticks-2-Schools teaches "soft" lacrosse – a version that involves no contact, uses flexible, plastic sticks and soft, low-bounce balls. Soft lacrosse can be played both indoors or out by co-ed teams of all ages and is simple to integrate into existing physical education programs. It is reported to be unparalleled in helping children develop skill, speed, intelligence, fitness and dexterity.

What do schools in the Sticks-2-Schools Program receive?
    Once a school is sponsored, it receives 40 sets of sticks and balls, along with an instruction manual designed to help teachers integrate lacrosse into their PE or after school activities curriculum. An S2S Program Instructor visits each school to demonstrate the sport and engage student in drills.See Program Details

How many children get to play lacrosse at each school?
    On average, about 180-400 students per school participate in the program. However in some schools, more than a thousand children have shared the equipment as they rotated in and out of physical education classes.

What are the schools saying about the program?
    "I thought the demonstration went very well. Cosmo [Stealth player Anthony Cosmo] did a great job teaching skills and working with the kids…Everything was well organized and it was a great experience for my students and our school."
    — Coreen Raquel Aldapa, PE teacher at River Glen Middle School in San Jose, Ca

    "Both students and staff alike enjoyed their visit from the Stealth and the demo was a success. Now the kids check out the sticks and balls and use them during their break times…I hope this is the start of a great relationship that grows and benefits both of our organizations."
    — Rod Hatch of AchieveKids in Palo Alto, Ca

How much money has Sticks-2-Schools raised?
    Since 2005, we’ve raised over $160,000 and served more than 60,000 youth in 130 schools.

How much does it cost to sponsor a school?
    Sticks-2-Schools offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities. For $2,000 you can sponsor a program at the next school on the waiting list. For $3,000 you can choose a school to be added to the program. (Program schools must be located in the Greater Seattle area or the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and be qualified to carry out the program.) And of course, any amount can be donated toward funding of the next school on the waiting list.

If you are interested in helping us fight childhood obesity, please call email David Takata or Denise Watkins How will a sponsorship benefit my business? How will a sponsorship benefit my business?
    We'll post your business name, logo, description and link on our website and include it a news release and in our newsletter.See a list of S2S Sponsors

Who are the Vancouver Stealth?
    The Vancouver Stealth (formally Washington Stealth) relocated to Langley BC in July 2013. Formerly the Washington Stealth, they relocated to Everett, Washington in 2009 from San Jose Ca. The Washington Stealth won the 2010 National Lacrosse League Championship and made the Western Division Championship in 2011 and 2013. The Stealth is one of nine teams in the National Lacrosse League (NLL). The Stealth Seasons starts in January and runs through April with 9 home games played at Langley Event Centre (LEC) in the Township of Langley, BC. For more information, please visit

" Been meaning to call and thank you and Mac for coming to Cascade and doing such a great job. Mac was outstanding and his low key but organized presentation was impressive. Maybe a PE teacher in the making...a second career perhaps. Thanks for the gear and your persistence in making the day happen: students really enjoyed it."
Thanks again, Jake Huizinga, Everett School District

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