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Sticks-2-Schools helps fight childhood obesity by making exercise fun

Sticks-2-Schools, Inc. (S2S) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 public benefit corporation. Our mission is to teach skills that promote the healthy balance of children's minds and bodies.

Beginning with the sport of lacrosse, we coordinate and lead the collaboration of sponsors, manufacturers, athletes, teachers and staff to support physical education programs in elementary, middle and high schools that will help achieve our goal of reducing childhood obesity.

Through the generosity of our corporate sponsors and private donors, we've given an estimated 65,000 youth at 111 San Francisco Bay Area and 32 Seattle Area Schools the opportunity to get fit by learning how to play lacrosse. We rely on tax-deductible contributions from businesses and individuals to support our programs.

View Sticks-2-Schools 2012-2013 Annual Report here

Sticks-2-Schools Board of Directors

To minimize expenses and maximize the program's return on investment, Sticks-2-Schools has an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

David Takata
S2S Treasurer
President, Vancouver Stealth
Denise Watkins
S2S President
Owner, Vancouver Stealth
Doug Locker
S2S Vice President
General Manager, Vancouver Stealth
Erin Burkholder
S2S Board Member
Jennifer Okemah
S2S Board Member

Denise Watkins, S2S President

Denise has a BS in Mathematics from UC Irvine. After 18 years as a software and systems engineer and director in the satellite and wireless telecommunications industry, Denise launched her second career as a community volunteer, mother of three and owner of the Stealth. Her experience in sports management began as a owner of the Primal Quest Adventure Racing organization. She is committed to proving that lacrosse is not just a sport, but also as a tool for child development. In addition to her responsibilities as an owner, she is active in the community as founder of the Pleasanton Schools Educational Enrichment Foundation and also serves as a board member for the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center.

David Takata, S2S Treasurer

David Takata is CFO of the Stealth. In June 2007, David assisted the acquisition of the Stealth for its current owners, the Watkins Family, and has been involved as the family's advisor since the acquisition. In addition, he manages Engage Capital, Inc., a privately held investment firm. David serves on a number of corporate, advisory and philanthropic boards, including the Seattle Sports Commission and Sticks-to-Schools. He is a member of the NLL's Nominating, Governance, and Compensation Committee.

Doug Locker, S2S Vice President

Doug Locker enters his ninth year with the Stealth where he is President & General Manager. Locker manages all lacrosse operations issues coordinating scouting and draft preparation, contract negotiations, player transactions, coaching staff management and team travel.

Sticks-2-Schools Program Coordinator & Instructor

Chris O'Dougherty

Chris O'Dougherty is a professional lacrosse player and four-year starter at Rutgers University. OD was drafted by the Washington Stealth in the 2009 Draft and is a New Jersey native but has played, coached, and lived in the Seattle area since 2009. In addition to being a fine defensiveman, OD has been trained in the S2S program and has been an S2S instructor for 3 years. email

Sticks-2-Schools Program Instructors

Washington Instructors

Drew Snider

Drew is a Seattle native and recent graduate of the University of Maryland. Drew grew up on Queen Anne hill and went to O’Dea high school; playing lacrosse for Queen Anne and Garfield. At UMD, he appeared in two ACC championships, as well as two NCAA Div. 1 championships. Drew has been coaching around the nation for over 10 years. Additionally, Drew has been on the practice roster for the Stealth. email

Emeritus Board Members

Eric Venzon, Co-founder

Eric Venzon is the CEO/CFO of Teamwrkx, Inc., a provider of commercial construction, development, mechanical, and facilities management services. Eric's passion for community outreach is evident in his company's generous support of many local charities and causes, including funding the building of Escuela Rosada, a school for the poverty-stricken children in Honduras. As one of the original founders, Eric has been a pivotal leader in the progression of Sticks-2-Schools and personally funded the organization's journey to nonprofit status. Eric and his wife Natasha have two children, ad daughter and a son who, quite suitably, loves lacrosse. S2S would like to thank Eric for his years of dedication to S2S.


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